Managed Services & IT Outsourcing

AmeriNet Consulting provides IT outsourcing and managed services options to a variety of  customers. Here at Amerinet Consulting, we do whatever it takes to help businesses manage their day-to-day IT environments.

Managed Services

  • Remote managed network services for infrastructures of all size
  • Proactive 24×7 network monitoring & reporting
  • Priority Response, Round-The-Clock tech support, troubleshooting and carrier services
  • One-fee monthly maintenance guarantee
  • Fast & Easy Hardware Replacement
  • Management of all hardware upgrades and RMA’s
  • Web & Email Traffic Filter and Surveillance

IT Outsourcing

Easy, Efficient, & Affordable.

Replace or supplement your existing IT staff with a team of expert Support Technicians, available 24×7 to manage and monitor your IT network

  • Reduce the time and money needed to hire, train and maintain the overhead of a full-fledged in-house expert support
  • Specialized methodology designed to maintain, support and troubleshoot extensive & complex networks for large scale businesses.
  • One-Fee Guarantee: Complete Expert IT Staff to take on all who do not stop working on your problem until it is fixed
  • Management of all technology upgrades & certifications to maintain up-to-date, secure and reliable
  • IT Consulting: Free consultation and network assessment determine what is best for your business
  • Customer support technicians specialize in advanced security and intrusion prevention,  as well as monitoring and reporting IT services.
  • Disciplined methodology developed from supporting thousands of client devices worldwide as a leader in IT outsourcing companies.

If you are looking for a means to supplement your existing IT team with a managed services provider or are looking to pass off day-to-day responsibilities entirely, AmeriNet can help. Our clients range from small to medium size businesses. As different as our clients may be from each other they all have one important thing in common,  they settle for nothing less than the best in uptime, security, reliability and performance.

Support Your Network and Say Goodbye To Worries, With One Simple Fee

AmeriNet Consulting provides both managed services and IT outsourcing solutions to customers. Whether you are looking to outsource an entire IT department, or a managed services provider designed to compliment an existing IT staff, AmeriNet provides IT support custom-fit to your specific business needs all for one flat-rate monthly fee. If you are tired of juggling network failures & unpredicted outages and are looking for a fast and efficient solution for your IT headaches, well here we are.

Why Do People Choose AmeriNet Consulting?

One of the main advantages of managed services pricing is our one-fee gaurantee. With AmeriNet’s managed service model you pay one monthly fee for unlimited IT support and monitoring services. No hidden-fees, no sky-high hourly rates – we don’t stop working until your problem is solved.

We are a small company built to provide large companies with complex infrastructures the support and attention they need, without the hassle of long wait times. At AmeriNet, we keep up with the latest in IT outsourcing trends in order to provide the best, low-cost solution to our customers. As your managed service provider, our technicians will know your networks inside and out, no more being transferred over and over again just to end up explaining your problem from scratch to someone completely new, no more hassle, just service.

One Fee Guarantee

At some point, something will go wrong. It’s the nature of the beast. Our guarantee is that we’ll fix it, fix it fast, and do everything possible to keep it from happening again. We’ll do it without any of those annoying nickel and dime charges. We charge you one fee, do what it takes to make it right and put you back on track. Guaranteed.

Peace of Mind

We judge the success of every relationship by an index of ‘peace of mind.’ Are we delivering you an ultra safe, rock solid IT solution that lets you rest easy? We’d better because that’s what we’re all about. You could say we’re in the ‘no worries’ business.

This is the way we work at AmeriNet, with integrity, for business and with the end in mind – your peace of mind.